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Malta Attractions

Malta has often been referred to as the island of sunshine and history with a heritage boasting 6,000 years of civilization. Every part of it’s lands, its temples and monuments show great insights in the times that once were, dating back the through the thousands of years that this wondrous island has witnessed.

Attractions in Malta
National Museum of Natural History
The National Museum of Natural History is the national repository of biological specimens. Both life and earth sciences are represented in the museum, which has a particular focus on the Maltese Islands. The Museum is housed in the 18th century M...

National War Museum
The National War Museum in Fort St Elmo ranks among the most popular tourist venues on the Maltese Islands. The museum mainly represents Malta’s important military role in the post-1800 period under British rule, especially during the Second World Wa...

National Museum of Archaeology
The National Museum of Archaeology displays an exceptional array of artifacts from Malta’s unique prehistoric periods starting with the first arrival of man in the Ghar Dalam phase (5200 BC) and running up to the Tarxien phase (2500 BC). The coll...

Roman Domus
The mosaic pavements in the ‘Roman house’ at Rabat rank among the finest and oldest mosaic compositions from the western Mediterranean, alongside those of Pompeii and Sicily. They were discovered in 1881 just outside Mdina in the remains of a rich an...

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